In our core areas of expertise, we help clients identify and apply the new rules of platforms and business ecosystems to transform existing rules, resources and partner networks. We spot trade-offs and risks and support defining and implementing the roadmap to improved success.

Multimodal mobility transformation

Multi-modal mobility chasms are solved via intensified stakeholder collaboration and innovative technologies (e.g. AI, IOT, AR/AG and blockchain). Our special focus is on facilitating cargo movements.

Business ecosystem-aware IT transformation

We define realistic roadmaps to transform IT applications and services to guide companies and business ecosystems become more interoperable and leverage platform and network effects.
Digital transformation with measurable business value in mind is what we pursue.

Green energy transformation

We facilitate building new business ecosystems to expedite green energy transition. Realizing cross sector coupling and synergies are key to success of our clients in their various ventures.
Our special focus area is the emerging green hydrogen sector.

Borderless health transformation

Our aim is to help eliminate inefficiencies within the global health systems. This is achieved via reduction of waste and improved medical supply, manufacturing and delivery processes through interoperable services, products, and regulatory alignment.

We complement customer focused improvements by unlocking value gains between partners of a business ecosystem.

Competence areas offered by Consilis

Innovation &
Service Strategy
Innovation Enabling and Innovation Storylining
 Product and Service Strategy (for BEs)
 (BE) Partner Management
 (BE) Business Intelligence
 Service Strategy Management
Process Management(BE) Business Development and Modelling
 BE Pricing and Benefits Distribution
 BE Contracting (from design to enactment)
 Interorganisational Business Process Modelling
 (BE) Procurement (incl. Processes & Contract design)
 PMO and Success Management
 Extreme Scaling Concept & Process Development
Finance & ControllingProject Controlling and Reporting
 Start-up & Enterprise Business Case Modelling and Budgeting
 Cost Accounting
 Product / Service Costing and Pricing
 M&A and Joint Ventures (incl. Post-Merger-Integration and Carve-outs)
 Compliance and Business Continuity Management
Supply Network ManagementGlobal Production Planning  
 Global Logistics and Warehouse Integration  
 SRM / CMO Management
 Prevention and Exception Management  
 Supply Network Risk Management  
IT ManagementBE IT Architecture Design
 BE IT Platform (SaaS)
 BE IT Road Mapping
 Advanced IT Services & AI / IOT / BC / SaaS Technology Adoption
(from Requirements Specification to Use)
 ERP / SAP / TMS Conceptualization, Introduction, Interfacing & Go-live
 Master Data Design & Management

Interoperability Management
Interim ManagementExtreme Growth Enabling
 Holistic Restructuring and Revitalization