Why us

Consilis offers hands-on experienced consulting or interim support for exceptional challenges. We have demonstrated our service excellence in multiple different contexts and are growing our expertise every day. We are open to integrate other experts to offer the right set of knowledge and experience for a fast and focused challenge resolution.

Dr. Roland Kl├╝ber – CEO & Founder

Roland has founded Consilis in 2002 with a focus on improving the IT potential in logistics, supply chain and procurement. He has rich experience in consulting, business development and interim management in collaborative settings (from procurement, SCM, and logistics process to industrial service innovation and implementation). Roland has > 25 years of service success improvement experience in M&A and JV settings for multi-billion companies and start-ups. During the last 20 years, the scope has widened to even larger inter-organisational projects.
He is also partner at Theron Management Advisors and head of the Zurich office.

Ina Hockl – Director & Partner

Ina is experienced working for multi-business global players in plant engineering and EPC (hydro, energy from waste, biogas) as a finance business partner of senior management and business unit leaders. In her senior finance roles, she guided teams of local and global business and project controllers. She was involved in M&A activities, re-organisation and the successful integration of renewables and service subsidiaries. Additionally, she brings in experience from supply chain and production site optimisation projects.

Companies and Associations

Incumbent enterprise transformations, M&A, restructuring and extended industry expertise

Design challenges & XR/Corporate expertise

Interoperability enabling in different settings